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We guide these trips back into the deep dark water of the Florida creeks. You can still catch a glimpse and imagine how life was hundreds of years ago on the river. The calmness of the lazily flowing water, the smell of confederate jasmine in the air, and BANG! You are now in a fight with a large mouth bass or a mighty bluegill. Ok, I get it, bass and bluegill are not considered to be monsters however, we use light tackle and that gives the advantage to the fish.


We use a variety of baits, Artificial, Crickets, Minnows, Worms, Shiners, Soap. ( you will ask).

During Artificial trips; we just ask that you bring some of your own rod and reels, this way you will have a rod in your hand that you are used to using.

Species? Fish? or Feesh?

We like to fish for everything, we will target largemouth bass, peacock bass, crappie (speck), bluegill, red ear (shell cracker), sunshine bass, catfish, mudfish (bowfin), and gar.

Fishing License

A valid state of Florida Freshwater Fishing license required for fishing on Fresh Water in the State of Florida. these can be purchased here.

Food and Snacks

What do we give you? Each Guide will have a cooler with ice for your cold beverages and food items.

Things to bring

Florida! should I say anymore? We Are in the Sunshine State, sunscreen/ bug spray is a must. Also remember, While in Florida, if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes for it to change. the mornings are cool and the afternoon is hot. Hat, Sunglasses, drinks, food, and rain jacket.

Deposit/ Cancellations

Fishingo Guide Service will make every effort to make this a great trip!  Keep an open mind, relax and enjoy your day on the water.

Fishing Locations

Boggy Creek (Edwards Road Boat Ramp)- Boggy Creek is located 15 Miles from Amelia Island on Edwards road off of SR 200. From the landing, heading East, you will find Plummer Creek, Thomas Creek and Nassau River. From the landing and to the West, you will find, Boggy Creek, Mills Creek, and Humpback Bridge. This unique creek system is a tidal area and flows from the mouth for over 20 miles into the cypress swamps of Northeast Florida. The Creeks flow Through The Four Creeks Recreational Area and is named for the four creeks associated with the property: Alligator, Thomas, Boggy and Plummer creeks, which join together to form the headwaters of the Nassau River. The Nassau River borders the southeastern portion of the property and flows into Nassau Sound and then into the Atlantic Ocean. Wildlife is abundant on the area and includes deer, turkey, wild hog, gopher tortoise, wading birds and numerous species of resident and migratory songbirds. Turtles and otters may occur along the creek.

Lofton Creek (Melton Nelson Boat Ramp) - Lofton Creek is located 6 miles from Amelia on SR 200. Lofton Creek is 18.5 miles of absolute beauty. The entrance to Lofton creek is located approximately 15 miles from the Nassau River. The Water in Lofton Creek is predomatly Fresh. The views and gators are truly a site to be seen. The Creek is tidal and the upper reach of the creek hides way into the woods. (accessible by Swimming or Gator Back only). Lofton Creek is truly and old Florida creek and with just a little imagination, you can see how the creek was hundreds of years ago.

Our Freshwater trips are a great way to explore the deep swamp waters and Florida ecosystems that most people will only fly over. On these trips you can see, Alligator, Turtles, River Otter, Snakes, Bees, Birds, Hogs, Deer, and maybe even a manatee. 

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