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Fishingo Guide Service is a full-service 
saltwater fishing guide offering private shallow water sport fishing on Amelia Island Florida, Fishing in Jacksonville, Fernandina and surrounding Northeast Florida Sport Fishing areas.

Fishingo Guide Service​
Northeast Florida Sport Fishing, Fishing Amelia Island

Who is Fishingo Guide Service?

We are Not a corporate fishing charter clearing house. We are not part of a larger booking firm. There are many Large Fishing Charter booking sites available for a fee and a not so personal experience. We are Florida native, Local, small business owners. We will work hard to earn your business and make your trip memorable.

Are you a Fishing Charter?

No! we are in no way a Charter boat. we are a Guide service. Think of City bus (Charter) vs Personal Assistant (Guide). We are here not only to provide a memorable experience, but to share in the experience with you. We will Guide you in every way we can to make your trip great. Most Charter boats have a Captain and crew. The Captain drives the boat and the crew handles the customers. Fishingo Guides are Guides, Captain, and Crew. So as the customer, you can have all that you are paying for.

What do we get to do on the Trip?

A typical guided trip begins on the dockside. You will meet your Captain and get some brief instructions and safety briefing. We will then board the boat and make our way to the fishing grounds. just before we get to the first spot, we will slow to a troll and go over some basic, "How to" tips. This is a guided trip! you will be guided. We will bait your hook if you like, you will cast, catch, reel in, and land your fish. We are here to provide you with the best experience possible. WE ARE NOT A CHARTER BOAT. (SEE ARTICLE GUIDE VS CHARTER) we are fishing guides visit our fishing talk page.

What is provided? 

Everything you need for your saltwater fishing and outdoor adventure. Rod, reels, bait, tackle, ice, and fishing license. Great service with a great attitude.

Is the price of the Fishing Trip for each person or for the whole group? 

The price listed on our prices page is for 1-2 anglers. You can have up to 4 people in your group. However, our boat will fish 2-3 adults very easily and 4 or more is crowded. This is a private guided trip, therefore we do not group you with other people. Our Inshore trips will fish 2-3 adult anglers comfortably. (See Rates for additional Anglers) 

Can I have more than 4 people on 1 boat? 

The max we can take by law is 6 passengers, whether they are fishing or not. This is not our rule, it is how the U.S. Coast Guard licenses private charters. We like to stay at 4 and less guest. This makes the fishing more enjoyable for all.

​Shark fishing sounds fun, do you always catch sharks? 

Shark fishing actually is one of our most hit and miss styles of Saltwater fishing. When the sharks are biting, the trips are absolutely awesome and everyone loves it. Sharks, however, can be sensitive to changes like water temperature, weather patterns, and factors that we cannot see or predict.

​Are we guaranteed to catch fish? 

We guarantee that we will try very hard, but fishing is fishing and we cannot control all the factors that the water, wind, and waves may provide. With that said, our Captains are very good and usually if they aren't catching fish, no one is. We are a family owned business and we strive to be completely honest with our customers. We truly want everyone to have a great experience and we promise that we will always work hard to provide that!

Will we have live bait?  

We always provide the best bait for the fishing style that is providing the most action at the time. Some times that means live bait, some times that means dead bait, some times that means artificial bait. If we need live bait, the Captain will stop to either throw a cast net, or to catch them on a bait rod. This usually takes 30 minutes or less but on difficult days it can take longer. Most of the live bait we use cannot be purchased so it is necessary to catch it the day of the trip.

​Does the time to catch bait take away from our fishing time? 

No, most Captains will already have the bait and boat ready for your trip when you arrive.


Amelia Island FL Light Tackle, Inshore, Backwater Fishing

Florida! should I say anymore? We are the Sunshine State, sunscreen/ bug spray is a must. Also remember, While in Florida, if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes for it to change. the mornings are cool and the afternoon is hot. Hat, Sunglasses, drinks, food, and rain jacket. You surely want to bring a hat and sunglasses, possibly a camera, tennis shoes or boat shoes,  No boots or dark soles Sunscreen and insect repellent are on the boat, but if you use a special kind, bring it.  A large cooler with ice and bottled water is provided, but if you want something else to drink, bring that.  Trips that are ¾ or full day may warrant bringing a snack or lunch.

If a youth under (13) years of age is going to be one of the anglers, please let Captain Ty know the child’s weight so that an appropriate life vest is on board. Feel free to bring your own fishing equipment, just let Captain Ty know so that he can plan for space.


Children under six years old must wear a USCG approved life jacket at all times on any vessel that is underway in Florida waters. Underway is defined as, not anchored, or made fast to the shore, or aground. 

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